Using Docker

With Docker

1. Configure

mcaptcha is highly configurable.

Configuration is applied/merged in the following order:

  1. path to configuration file passed in via MCAPTCHA_CONFIG
  2. ./config/default.toml
  3. /etc/mcaptcha/config.toml
  4. environment variables.

See for configurable options.

2. Run image

If you have already have a Postgres instance running, then:

1docker run -p <host-machine-port>:<port-in-configuration-file> \
2	--add-host=database:<database-ip-addrss> \
3	-e RUST_LOG=debug \
4	-e DATABASE_URL="postgres://<db-user>:<db-password>@database:<db-port>/<db-name>" \
5	mcaptcha/mcaptcha:latest

If you don’t have a Postgres instance running, you can either install one using a package manager or launch one with docker. A docker-compose configuration is available that will launch both a database instance mcaptcha instance.

With docker-compose

  1. Follow steps above to build docker image.

  2. Set database password docker-compose configuration.

  3. Launch network

1docker-compose up -d

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